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Vivian Wielpütz
Thank you Jason!
You have a beautiful box with a lot space and great equipment!
And the snatch class was excellent.
The only thing that can top that is that you and your people are super friendly.
I hope that I can be back soon!

Crossfit Novi is a great community of like minded individuals that encourage one another and create relationships that will last a lifetime.
I found CF Novi over two years ago when my wife and I relocated to the Novi area. I have stayed at CF Novi because of the people, both the coaching staff and training partners alike. Your fitness level may vary but with modifications you will receive a workout that pushes you harder than you ever would on your own. The coaches at CF Novi are everything that embodies a CF coach they give personal instructions, encouragement, form correction and show up every day full of energy that is contagious.
I highly recommend CF Novi to anyone that will listen and it has become a lasting source of inspiration and family that I am privileged to be a part of.
Jason Schuchard

Kaz Kawaguchi
I’ve been going to Crossfit Novi for a little over a year now and I’ve never had so much fun working out!

The coaching staff is amazing. Not only is the coaching during WODs great where they give you tips to make sure you’re doing movements right, but the individual attention they give you is amazing. They take the extra time to give the tips and instructions that are for YOU. It’s not always the quick fix, but it always works out in the long run.

The people there are both inspiring and just great to be around. There are so many amazing athletes there, I keep seeing things done there that I didn’t think were humanly possible. It is both fun to watch and humbling at the same time. But more importantly, everyone is very welcoming and treat you like family there. It’s an awesome place to hang out and if you’re not careful you’ll end up spending your whole day there!!

If you’re looking for a box, this is the place to go! No matter if you’re dropping in or live in the area (lucky you!), I’m sure you’ll find the coaching and workout you’re looking for at Crossfit Novi!!

It's taken me 3 years to write a review, because I honestly don't know where to start. I was a member of another Crossfit gym, which I was totally happy with, when I met Jason (my neighbor) & Phil as they were starting their new business. I began working out with them before CFN opened, and the care and compassion they put into people won me over quickly. The personal training you get there is unmatched by other boxes. The attention to detail on coaching correct form is awesome! You will find this regardless of your fitness/ability level. They care about each and every person as a whole--not just exercise, but mental/spiritual well-being also. This is the first gym that has ever gotten me to care about what I eat, and I am much healthier because of it. I dropped 2 pant sizes at 40 years old, all while gaining weight (that I needed to) from increased muscle mass. I have met the best friends imaginable there--such amazing people!! So whether you're looking to try Crossfit for the first time, thinking of a switch from another gym, or just dropping in for some new coaching advice, I definitely recommend giving them a try! Don't be shy, talk to the members when you come, they are all very helpful, friendly, and encouraging (one big family). Thank you guys, for all you have done for me :)
Lisa Edwards

Kevin Diederich
I went to this box with a colleague while we were on a business trip. Phil and all the guys are the best. They were so welcoming and friendly and made us feel right at home. They have an awesome gym and loads of good quality equipment. And the coaching was top tier too. They gave good tips/adjustments and just the right amount of encouragement. I also liked the programming structure. Good balance of muscle groups with tough strength portions and WODs, but not enough to beat you down so much that you couldn't move the next day. They were so inviting with the three classes and one open gym we went to, I found it harder than I thought it would be to leave. I would definitely recommend this box to anyone passing through or permanently in the area. Hoping life brings me back that way so I can visit again. Thanks for everything guys.

I travel a I travel a fair amount for work and frequently drop into boxes when I have a free morning or afternoon. I was recently in the Novi area visiting my parents and was very impressed when I dropped into CrossFit Novi. The facility and equipment is clean, well maintained and the space was well designed. The members were very friending and outgoing from the moment I walked into the box, to after the wod where I was repeatedly encouraged to return anytime I was in the area.
The highlight for me was Jason and the coaching. Usually a coach pays just enough attention to a drop in to make sure he or she doesn’t get hurt, Jason went above and beyond giving pointers, encouragement and tips. Dropping in was like attending a paid clinic with a visiting coach, you never know what the coach at your home box doesn’t see. Jason was amazing engaged with not only me but all of the members. If anyone in the area is looking for a great environment and a coaching staff that really cares about your growth and success, CrossFit Novi has to be your choice.
far amount for work and frequencily
Jason Price

Kaitlyn Pfeffer
It is difficult to find words to describe the amazing coaches and members at this gym. I switched over to CrossFit Novi from another similar gym because when I walked in from day one they gave me the confidence and individual attention that is rare to find at other CrossFit affiliates. They take the extra time out of their busy schedules to stay that extra 20, 30 minutes even sometimes hours :) after to help you improve your form or complete a workout. They want you to succeed because they are well aware it is a reflection of their coaching abilities.

It is one of the only CrossFit gym's you'll walk into where about 90% of the members have their double-unders (this is where the rope passes twice under your feet between jumps). This is one example of the coaches taking that extra time and really watching your form adjusting your rope until you finally get the movement. They noticed my weaknesses and are helping me succeed and pushing me to do better. You are never alone on your fitness journey whatever it may be here at CrossFit Novi!

I dropped in one Saturday morning and I could not be more impressed.The level of attention that was given to me (a newbie) by Phil and Jason was unexpected and very welcomed. They truly care about your form, safety, and helping you reach your goals. All of the members are also very helpful and welcoming.

I only wished I lived closer because I would spend much more time here!
Jeff Petack

Alex Warner
Love this place, love the people, love the excellent coaching, I feel like I gain more family members every time I'm in town. There isn't a better place or a better group of people around!

The only place that keeps me interested and moving forward in my fitness journey. Owners, coaches and members are all supportive of what YOU want to accomplish. Crossfit Novi has my highest recommendation. Nothing else compares
Kristi Kunkel

Dave Corey
I was visiting from out of town staying here in NOVI. I'm from that state down south! Jason and Phil welcomed me in and treated me as one of their own. I have been doing CrossFit for about a year and learned some new stuff today.Great Trainers, GREAT facilities, and great people there as well. Met a few new friends today. Thank you Gentlemen. I will be back

I don't Crossfit much, but when I do it is at Crossfit Novi because they treat me like family
James McHugh

Mark Somerville
I'm a better person physically, mentally, and spiritually for joining CrossFit Novi. This is much more than just a "workout". The coaches are the best I have encountered at any affiliate. They ALWAYS make sure your form is perfect and motivate you to higher levels of performance. After 8 months of working out at CrossFit Novi, I'm in the best shape of my life! Everyone at this affiliate is AMAZING. I have never seen such an inspirational and humble group of people.

If you need to make a change or looking to try something new, give Crossfit Novi a try. It's more then a gym, it is a community of individual's who have come together to make a positive change in their lives. The coaching is the best your going to find and the member's will be your biggest fan's.
Brian Schlief

Joe Cusumano
Crossfit Novi.....simply awesome

Didn't know what to expect when I joined, but the gym has proven to be there for me when I needed something the most. Its a small part of your day, but can make all the difference. I'm so glad to be back...and taking it serious this time. CFN "Colossally Frigging Narley
Tillman Huston

Frank Grasinsk
The coaches are top notch, very family atmosphere!

The only place that keeps me interested and moving forward in my fitness journey. Owners, coaches and members are all supportive of what YOU want to accomplish. Crossfit Novi has my highest recommendation. Nothing else compares
Kristi Kunkel

Jon Heller
I did a drop in here during a business trip to Novi and was very impressed. Great people, great WOD and I will absolutely come back during my next trip

Amazing box. Great coaching. Top notch in all aspects...
Robert Gatt

Patrick Seay
These were were definitely cool, supportive, and what I've come to expect of my usual experiences around CrossFit people. The coaches were spot on with their instruction and the facility and equipment were top notch. Highly recommended for a drop in

One of the most welcoming boxes I've ever been to! The coaches are kind, and professional
Jeremy Mullins

Allie Barsamian
Dropped in here while home for the holidays. The coaching was great, the facility was beautiful.

I really liked this gym! The coach's instruction on each skill before the class attempted was clear and concise, they were organized in assigning partners/work loads, and they were actively scanning and giving consistent feedback. The programming made a lot of sense and the workouts were fun.

When I'm home in Michigan, I'll definitely be back!

I dropped in several times while I'm home for the holidays and I very much enjoyed the time I spent here. Great coaches and a lovely facility. They made me feel very welcome, and I will absolutely come back next time I'm home in MI!
Megan Grant

Daniel Forpahl
I'm very thankful to Jason and Phil for letting me drop in while I was visiting in town for work. As a coach, I look for certain things that most people may not. Are the movements reviewed and explained before each workout, no matter the level of the attendees? Do the coaches stay engaged with the athletes once the wod has started- continuing to watch their movements- or do they just stand by? Do they always err on the side of caution when a particular person's movements are questionable? I must say that on my visit Jason did a great job in all of these aspects. I felt very comfortable during my time at their gym & will stop by whenever I get a chance.

Great coaches, awesome facility and wonderful Crossfit community. So glad to have had the opportunity to train with them while in town!
Megan Magnuski

Lindsay Wilson
This place is great!! Super nice coaches and athletes, made me feel welcome while I was visiting

Absolutely loved it- I dropped in for the 7am wod- Phil and his athletes welcomed me in as if I had been a member for years! Great box, great coaches, great athletes- thanks again!
Jason Eich

Beckie Rich
Never did it, out of shape, over weight, and the instructors gave me encouragement to keep going but also made sure I was doing things safely. They also showed me some modified moves on things I could not do at this time. Best workout I ever had

Jason and Phil are always encouraging and positive no matter what is going on! From day 1 I felt like a part of the CFNovi family.

Last year I was home visiting family, on military leave, and was looking for a place to train. I came across CFN, and in all my traveling I have never felt so appreciated and part of the CF community. Since that visit, I have developed lifelong friends. Thank you!

Let’s see…if I could sum it up in a few words I’d say Crossfit Novi is a fantastic place to be, has a family atmosphere, a welcoming vibe and you get the feeling that people truly care about you. The coaches are great and you can tell they love what they do and want to see you do well. I feel like part of the family and not an outsider which is a common feeling when entering a gym due to cliques but at CFN there’s no such thing. Come as you are, whatever condition and let yourself be a part of the family and you will see that this is a place you can truly connect to and call your home away from home.

hanks again for a great few days at your wonderful box. CrossFit Novi is such a fantastic place--the atmosphere you have cultivated and nurtured is truly lovely. The people are great, the WODs are challenging, and it's just a great place to be. Thanks so much for being so welcoming when I show up and abuse your kindness to a Northvill/Novi transplant. I really appreciate that you are willing to allow me to come in, work out, and benefit from what you have worked so hard to create

Wow NIce!!
John DOe

Kristoffer Gundrum
Hello Jason,

Thanks again for having me as a guest for the week. First, your great facilities are always appreciated. What really made my trip was the quality of the coaching, especially in the Olympic lifts. Thanks to the tips you gave, I PR'd both my snatch and power clean while visiting. See you at Christmas!