CrossFit is a program that can be modified and scaled to each individual. It is also a program that requires steady progress into new movements, skills, and intensity levels.  No matter what your current condition is, CrossFit can help you achieve fitness levels beyond your expectations. At CrossFit Novi, we are professional personal trainers, and you will receive the personalized instruction you need. CrossFit Novi is built upon teamwork and motivation. 

To begin your integration into CrossFit, you will attend a series of 6 Private Sessions designated “On-Ramp.”  You will continue to become familiar and proficient with CrossFit while getting stronger and faster. All of this takes place in a group atmosphere, providing support and the unique atmosphere that is CrossFit. Upon completing your 6 On-Ramp Sessions you will be ready to pick a membership and begin regular CrossFit classes. 

Why Start with an On-Ramp

At CrossFit Novi, we offer a very comprehensive On-Ramp Program designed to help new athletes learn about CrossFit. If you would describe yourself as any of the following, then the CrossFit Novi On-Ramp Program is right for you: 
-You are starting your first fitness program. 
-You are just starting a fitness program after a long period of inactivity. 
-You exercise regularly, but have no previous CrossFit Experience. 
-You have previous CrossFit Experience, but have taken at least 6 months off. 
-You CrossFit on your own regularly, but you do so without a coach. 
-You want to gain a thorough understanding of CrossFit fundamentals.


How Do I Start the On-Ramp?

Our On-Ramp Program starts with a one-hour ‘Free Intro Class' offered every Sat at 10:00AM. This class will introduce you to the Crossfit lifestyle, teach you the three foundation exercises in CrossFit and finish with your first workout. You will also have plenty of time to ask any questions you may have about CFN or Crossfit in general.

How Long Will the On-Ramp Take?

Our On-Ramp Program is designed to give you three to four classes per week for up to three weeks.

When is the On-Ramp Offered?

We will work around your schedule. Please Call for further details.



How Much Does it Cost?

The On-Ramp requires a 2 month gym membership commitment to start.

What if I want a Private On-Ramp?

We understand that some of our athletes have extremely busy and unique schedules, and while we offer a wide range of WOD times, our On-Ramp has limited daily availability. We want to do everything possible to support every athlete, so we also offer private On-Ramp sessions! Contact us for further details on this program.